Buy Bracelets for Bravery!

NOTE: Both fundraisers are closed.

Thank you to my friend, Kaity Guedel at Inspiration Loom, for starting a Bracelets for Bravery fundraiser to Help Nicole’s New Legs Train in Scotland.

Photo courtesy of Kaity Guedel

We have our next fundraiser! We will be selling all kinds of bracelets, and keychains, anything made out of rainbow loom Rubberbands, in order to help raise money for Nicole so that she can go on a trip to help her learn how to use legs to the best of their ability.

Anyone who is interested can send me how ever much they are willing to donate, and I will send you a bracelet back. Every little bit will help, so I ask that you all please attempt to send something, even if it’s just 2 dollars, it will bring us closer to our goal. Our goal is to raise $200 for Nicole over the next 6 weeks.

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Kaity Guedel
Inspiration Loom

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