Facebook Campaign: Stop Media Ignorance About Cerebral Palsy

This article for The Mighty inspired me to create an event to change the way the media describes people with cerebral palsy in news stories AND encourage awareness by announcing National CP Awareness Day, Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month and World CP Day on television.

Please join my Facebook event and SHARE! Everyone who has CP, loves someone who has CP or wants more media attention/awareness for CP, is welcome to join! And, contact me if you have experience writing press releases and/or know how, where to contact the media to encourage them to stop media ignorance surrounding cerebral palsy, and to start spreading awareness.

We need to start sending out e-mails, messages, etc., now. I started this by myself and I need help! Together, WE can achieve this goal! Thanks and much <3 for the support. #cerebralpalsyawareness #mediaignorance

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