Help Me Win a B-School Scholarship!

I change the world every day by sharing my cerebral palsy story with as many people as possible. I want to create a non-profit organization to raise global awareness about selective dorsal rhizotom (SDR) surgery so that adults and children with cerebral palsy know about this life-changing surgery. Many of us stumble upon the information as I did, thanks to Facebook!

I decided to apply for a B-School Scholarship with Marie Forleo. B-school would teach me how to support myself, continue to give back and GET PAID FOR IT. I don’t want to live on a limited income for the rest of my life!!

You can help increase my chances of winning by commenting on YouTube, sharing my video on Facebook and tweeting about it. All tweets must include the #winBSCHOOL hashtag and the link to to be considered.

Thank you for your continued support in everything I do!


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