HopeMob is featuring Help Nicole Get New Legs!

NOTE: This fundraiser is closed.

HopeMob is featuring Help Nicole Get New Legs! as a rotating STAFF PICK on their homepage for the next week due to the inconvenience of a system update that did not pick up my story when I originally submitted it. THANK YOU, HopeMob! PLEASE click the share button and re-tweet the link as much as possible so I can raise more money for SDR, a surgery that will eliminate the tightness in my legs due to cerebral palsy. This will help tremendously! So far, I’ve raised $3,170! I am also selling autographed copies of my book (U.S. orders only), Naked Desires, to raise money for my surgery.

Although my surgery is scheduled for March 29, I am still fundraising for the $50,000 on Fundrazr and HopeMob to increase exposure. Why? Because although Dr. Park accepts Medicare (allowing him to perform the surgery), I DO NOT know how much, if anything, Medicare will cover. Plus, if Medicare doesn’t cover at least 60% of the cost (this is what Dr. Park’s office told me), I CANNOT use Medicaid (my secondary insurance) to pick up the rest of the bill. I saw a Help Me Howard story on WSVN 7 about a six year old girl from South Florida who wanted to have the surgery with Dr. Park. Unfortunately, she was DENIED coverage by Medicaid because Dr. Park is not located in Florida.

So, I have to keep fundraising in the event that NOTHING is covered. Plus, I will most likely have deductibles, etc. I know it’s confusing….believe me, I have been trying to make sense of all of this for months! So, please, don’t think that I am trying to raise money I don’t need. I am not that type of person. I haven’t spent a cent of the $3,170 donated thus far. Part of the donation money is going to pay for my $800 hotel bill since I will be in St. Louis for eight days. I got a discounted rate and will turn in my credit card reward points for Marriott gift cards, which I will apply to my bill. I am doing everything I can to reach my goal. I so appreciate everyone who continues to support me on this journey. The surgery is the easy part. Physical therapy (4-5 times a week) will be intense. I will have to learn to walk all over again. It will be worth it!

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  • Nicki – this is awesome! You are an inspiration to all of us – and I know that this surgery will be life-changing for you – I urge and encourage everyone and any one who reads this to make a donation in support!

    Love, your sister & Godmother, Laurie

  • Congratulations on being featured on HopeMob! That is so exciting and definitely a great way to both raise money for your surgery and raise awareness about cerebral palsy! In case you didn’t know, March is cerebral palsy awareness month 🙂 so, it’s well-timed! Good luck on your surgery – I am sure your strength of character will help get you through! Also, if you’re interested, here’s a great site full of cerebral palsy resources. I have found it to be really helpful – hope you do too! Keep it up!

    • Hi Rhonda,

      Thanks for visiting my blog and wishing me good luck with the surgery, which is in three weeks! While it was great to be featured on HopeMob’s site, I only have two backers right now. Yes, I know March is Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month. How cool that I’m having my surgery in March! I contacted CP Family Network months ago to see if they can help me; no one responded. At worst, Medicare won’t cover any of the $50,000 medical bills. At best, they will pay 80% leaving me with $10,000 in medical bills. I pray it all works out!