How to Be a Cerebral Palsy Advocate with Richelle Heath

How to be a Cerebral Palsy Advocate with Richelle Heath

It’s March Madness! I can’t think of a better way to kick off Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month than by talking about advocacy with Richelle Heath. We met five years ago after a friend encouraged her to join Facebook. Feeling alone, she decided to use social media to connect with others like her. Now, she’s a well-known advocate in the cerebral palsy community. Inย this What CP Looks Likeย FB Liveย interview, Richelle shares how she became a cerebral palsy advocate — thanks to Facebook!

How to Be a Cerebral Palsy Advocate with Richelle Heath
Cerebral Palsy Advocate Richelle Heath

You’ll hear about things like…

  • What being a cerebral palsy advocate means to her
  • The debilitating accident that left her unable to work
  • How she fought — and won — her Social Security Disability case after a five-year battle
  • The challenges, rewards + dark side of advocacy work

In addition, we talked about why it’s important for parents, people with cerebral palsy — and other disabilities — to advocate for their child or for themselves. Richelle’s motto is never give up, speak up!

Check out the interview:

Happy Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month! I’ve got great guests lined up throughout March, plus I’m throwing a SDR Anniversary party! You’re all invited; find out more at What CP Looks Like.

Inquiring minds want to know: How do you advocate for Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month? Share some of the things you’re doing in your community, on social media, etc. Let’s get the word out about the most common childhood disability.

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