Luck Be a Lady Last Night

I really don’t consider myself an unlucky person. I’ve found spare change on the ground a time or two; sometimes, even dollar bills! Last night, on St. Patrick’s Day, I headed out to Your Big Picture Cafe in my green tunic – excited to see friends and hear good music.

Maybe others would consider me unlucky, especially if I tell them the story about how my 1998 Honda Civic was stolen last April. Even after a such personal violation, I moved throughout life grateful for what I have – and, sometimes, for what I don’t have. It was an anxious two months, trying to find a good car I could actually afford.

Boy, did I hit the jackpot when I found a 2009 sunshine yellow Hyundai Accent decked out with extras (courtesy of the previous owner) like a GPS system and a hands free communication device. I went to great lengths to protect my new car. I invested in a Ravelco anti-theft device. It’s a car specific plug that prevents your vehicle from starting unless it is securely in place. Although costly ($500), I recommend Ravelco to anyone who wants to do their best to prevent their car from being stolen. It may save you money on insurance premiums, too.

Last night, I arrived at the cafe, shut off my car, removed the plug, called a friend, then started up the walkway to the store’s entry. There were clues all night that something was wrong, only I wasn’t paying attention. I noticed that my plug was not on my key chain. I didn’t think anything of it because I do not always remember to remove the plug. Plus, I was in a bit of a daze from being bored all week.

At the end of the evening, my friend Matt walked me to my car. He drove off while I got in my car and quickly realized I could not start it. I called Matt and asked him to come back. Thank God he answered his phone! Both of us looked for the plug everywhere – inside my car, inside the cafe, on the walkway leading to the cafe, underneath my car, inside my car again – well, you get the idea. Did we find the missing plug? No such luck.

Matt drove me home so I could get my back-up plug. I went out this morning, hoping I’d find it hiding in my car, although just a remote possibility given it’s size. Sadly, it wasn’t there. That’s okay, at least I still had my car and could drive it. I liked the idea of having two plugs (included in the installation price). If I want a second one, I’ll have to pay $35 for it. Maybe if I tell the company I lost it they will send me one for free? I know what you’re thinking…”GOOD LUCK!”

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