World CP Day T-Shirt Sale

I’m honored to have my name on this shirt — designed by my friends Richelle Heath, Heaven Ramsey and their team — to raise awareness for World CP Day on October 5.  Please join their World CP Day t-shirt Sale event on Facebook.

It’s so cool to see so so many of my friends’ names on the this design — along with world-renowned neurosurgeon for SDR Dr. Park  — plus Alyssa Porter and Christopher Ulmer from Special Books by Special Kids. The shirt also includes the #WorldCPDay hashtag per request from Robyn Cummins at World CP Day!

Help us paint the world green by purchasing a shirt and/or sharing this blog post to increase sales. The shirts will be on sale from July 4 – September 15, 2016. **The prices include shipping and handling.** Note: You DO NOT need a PayPal to make a purchase! Click on the link and it will give you OTHER payment options. **U.S. orders ONLY.** Every shirt comes with a free pin and wristband!

Thank you for supporting the estimated 800,000 children and adults (I am one) in the United States — and over 17 million worldwide — living with cerebral palsy. Let’s show the world What CP Looks Like!


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    The World CP Day T-shirt sale has been EXTENDED! Here are the details: “By popular demand, and because we aim to please, we are re-opening the World CP Day T-shirt sale.

    Sale runs from tonight 9/21/16 until Sunday September 9/25/16 at 11:59 PM Eastern time.

    We will only offer short sleeve sizes youth small through adult 3x.

    Every effort will be made to have delivery to you by October 5, but there is no guarantee.

    Until this is back up and running on the website, I will take orders via phone at 719-377-2147. The link is