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Nicole Luongo is the author of Naked Desires, a poetry book for everyone who is searching for love, delighting in love, or hoping to understand love. She is a disability advocate dedicated to raising awareness for selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR), a life-changing surgery for adults (like herself) and children with cerebral palsy.

Nicole has been featured in myriad media including DISABILITIES by Daniel J. Vance (the nation’s best-read weekly newspaper column about people with disabilities), Good News Network, The Sun-Sentinel and more. Her HuffPost article SDR: Life-Changing Surgery for Cerebral Palsy is referenced on numerous blogs and websites.

Nicole created What CP Looks Like to change perceptions, raise awareness for cerebral palsy and give a voice to people thriving with disabilities, many of whom often feel invisible.

In her free time, Nicole enjoys baking, cooking in her Instant Pot and working out.

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