After the Rain

The rain takes me back
to the time
when you brought warmth
to my bed
happy thoughts
to my head
a smile to my face

The rain makes me remember
the nights when
it was just you and me
in the dark
laughing, talking, and
touching each other’s hearts

The rain reminds me
of how safe I felt
in your arms
your fingertips were as soft
as raindrops
as they lightly caressed my body

I get lonely
for you…

After it rains.
© Nicole Luongo

A poem from Naked Desires.

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    • I realize now that I inflicted a lot of pain on myself by choosing the wrong men. Thankfully, I’ve learned my lesson. I hope I can use your blog as inspiration and start dating – it scares me!

  • I swear to God we are like the same girl LOL…our poems have very similar themes…of course mine are kinda depressing, but still, I am reading your words and i feel like we both are very in tune with our emotions and even the damn weather can elicit a response and put us right back to where we were with a certain guy. Too bad you live so far away! But I am glad I found your blog.

        • Oh, okay…the way your post read, I expected you to say you live in another country! It could be said that the Jersey Shore (which I refuse to watch) does depict your state as another country…LOL!

          • LMAO…I refuse to watch it too! And I do not live at the Jersey Shore…I am in North Jersey…while I take my kids to the beach in the summer, nothing but shore trash in the down there…and that includes the rich folks there too LOL.