5 Reasons to Go Green on World CP Day

Let’s Go Green on World CP Day

Let’s Go Green on World CP Day! Did you know that countries around the globe will go green for World Cerebral Palsy Day (WCPD) on October 6? Although cerebral palsy (CP) is the most common physical disability in childhood, it gets the least media attention. 

Making A Difference on World CP Day

I decided to do something about it, so I created the Go Green for CP 2019 campaign.

I’m proud to be the first person to single-handedly get over 100 buildings, bridges, landmarks, etc. in the United States — with lightings in all 50 states — plus lightings in Australia, Canada, and Ireland to Go Green for CP (click the link to check out the list) on World CP Day 2019. **If you go to a lighting, please post a picture of it on the Go Green 4 CP Facebook page.**

I accomplished the same feat on March 25, 2019 for National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day. ABC6 in Rhode Island announced the day, lighting of the Pawtucket River Bridge on the news:

Go Green for CP on ABC6

The previous year, my popular blog post 10 Reasons Why You Should Wear Green After St. Patrick’s Day was re-published by The Mighty, MSN and Yahoo! 

WCPD Is Not Just Another Awareness Day

World CP Day is a social movement of, for people with cerebral palsy and their families, including the organizations that support them, in over 65 countries around the world. Its vision is to ensure that children and adults with CP have the same rights, access and opportunities as anyone else in our society.

The project is coordinated by the World Cerebral Palsy Initiative, a group of non-profit cerebral palsy organizations with a global vision to create real change for people living with CP. 

World CP Day is more than just an awareness day because it:

  • Celebrates the lives and achievements of people with with CP
  • Provides a powerful voice for those with CP to change their world
  • Connects organizations around the globe so they can meet the needs of the CP community
  • Raises awareness about CP and the issues that affect people with CP at local, national and international levels

World CP Day is celebrated annually on October 6.

5 Reasons to Go Green on World CP Day

Here are five reasons to go green on World CP Day:

  1. Cerebral Palsy is the most common physical disability in childhood. Over 17 million adults + children live with cerebral palsy worldwide.
  2. There is no federal funding for cerebral palsy.
  3. Cerebral palsy gets little to no media coverage. In the United States especially, we hear about other awareness days, months, but CP gets the shaft ever year.
  4. There are many inspiring stories about adults and children thriving (not suffering!) with CP. By wearing green, you can help highlight them.
  5. Myths spread like wildfire because many people don’t know much about cerebral palsy. Wear green to help focus on the facts and to show the world What CP Looks Like.

Many people with CP feel alone. Wear green to support 17 million+ of us, remind everyone that green isn’t just for St. Patrick’s Day!

Nicole Luongo | What CP Looks Like

**This blog post was republished by Claiming Disability Inc, The Mighty,Yahoo FinanceYahoo Lifestyle and MSN.**