I don’t know why
I can’t say goodbye
there’s nothing between us
it’s all just a lie

a lie of the heart
a lie of the mind
how could I be
so blind?

I wanted to believe
the lies you told
they started to get old
when you turned cold
said you didn’t care
I didn’t want to be there

always waitin’ for you
to follow through
on the lies you told me
just so
you could hold me

close to you
that’s where I want to be
but I don’t know why
’cause you ain’t no prize
you’re just a player
who’s tryin’ to take me
for a ride

so, thanks for nothin’
keep drivin’ past
you’re no Duan Jauan
it’s time for me
to start movin’ on
I won’t look back
in fact
I’ll thank
the stars above
when you’re finally gone
from my head
my heart
oh, how I am ready
to make a new start
as I part from this lie
and say goodbye
to the distant memory
of you and I.

I never thought
it would come to this
since we started out
in such bliss
to go back in time
that is my wish
it was all part of your plan
you never wanted to be
my man

all you want
is another number to dial
when you feel the hunger pangs
in your brain
the urge to talk
to a real woman who is
beautiful, smart,
sexy, and tart

so, you pile on the charm
thinkin’ you’ve done no harm
now, she wants
the real McCoy
you’re just a decoy

so, what do you do?
you back away
and tell her
to keep waitin;
that you’ll want her

now, she’s pissed
’cause she knows
she’s been dissed

she’s the one
you’re gonna miss
the one who keeps you up at night
thinkin’ ’bout how her hair
shines in the light
and her mind so bright
always right on the money
but, now, she doesn’t want to be
your honey
or another number
just like all the others

so, she walks away
with her head held high
looks back at you
with tears in her eyes
and says:

this is our last goodbye
I wish I could thank you
for the ride, but, all you did
mess with my mind
tellin’ me lies
’bout how you wanted me
now, I just want to be free
when you come to me
on your knees
tellin’ me how sorry you are
for the way
you treated me

what you have to say
will fall on deaf ears
I’ve cried too many years

there’s nothing you can do
to make me come back
because all the things I need:

and honesty…
you lack

so, this is it
the final act
in the story of us
the next time
I need a ride
I think
I’ll take the bus.
(c) Nicole Luongo

A poem from Naked Desires.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels:




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