NEW YES Resolutions!

Resolution: “A course of action determined or decided on.”

As 2012 comes to a close, we start to think about our resolutions for the new year. Work out three times a week. Lose 10 pounds. Eat more fruits and vegetebales. Most likely, you carry the same resolutions from year to year. Forget New Year’s resolutions. Let’s create NEW YES resolutions instead. Consider the following three reasons:

1. A NEW YES resolution can start any time of the year, any day of the week. In 2013, say YES to freeing yourself from the pressure of creating a list of resolutions that will let you down. According to Statistic Brain, only eight percent of people are successful in achieving their resolution. NEW YES resolutions encourage success, which is the result we all want. No one wants to feel like a failure for not following through on our intentions. When all else fails, start over. Say YES again!

2. A NEW YES resolution is about saying YES to whatever and whomever is important to you. It’s necessary for women to set boundaries. Commit to loving yourself enough to know when to say no. It’s healthy to limit your exposure to toxic people, or say no to volunteering for projects that drain your time and leave you feeling overextended. In 2013, say YES to the things and people you love. You will be happier and so will those with whom you interact. Say YES to you!

3. A NEW YES resolution sounds better than a New Years Resolution. Doesn’t it? The next time a friend asks about your New Years Resoultions, make the shift and encourage her to make NEW YES resolutions. Create a NEW YES community. Imagine spreading love and positivity ALL year round. Now, that’s the spirit! YES!

Start writing your NEW YES resolutions whenever you want! It’s your YES list. It’s never too early or too late to live life on your own terms. You can do it! YES, it’s true! It’s up to YOU!

What are you going to say YES to in 2013?

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