While doing laundry, I had a brief conversation about relationships with my neighbor, Gary. He said women don’t know what they want. I disagreed. I told him that women most certainly do know what they want. We’re not that difficult to figure out and neither are men. The NAKED TRUTH about relationships is this: we are all looking for the same thing – to be loved. So, it’s simple. Sort of…

Relationships: Here’s What Women Want

  • Commitment. This doesn’t always mean marriage, however, we need a partner who won’t bail at the slightest sign of anything from incompatibility to a disagreement. An ex-boyfriend (who asked me to marry him) told me things wouldn’t work because we watched different t.v. shows. Seriously?!
  • Loyalty. We deserve a man who wants to be with us and ONLY us. No sharing! Man is a dog’s best friend; we want our partner in life to be ours.
  • Communication. Talk to us! We don’t expect you to be masters at sharing your feelings. Just try. Tell us we are sexy, smart, capable, beautiful. You’ll be rewarded handsomely.
  • Respect. A relationship needs to be built on a strong foundation. Cherish us enough to respect us. Value us for who we are. Don’t belittle, degrade, or hit us – EVER.
  • Love. Show that you love us, that your life is better because we’re a part of it. Everyone deserves to be loved. It doesn’t get any better than knowing the person you are with loves you truly, madly, deeply.

In conclusion, women want commitment, loyalty, communication, respect, and love. Don’t settle for what’s really important in a relationship. After years of heartache, I finally found the perfect man for me (prepare to laugh)…

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  • I like a partner who knows when to stand aside and not get in the way just because they can’t relate. Just love me by letting me figure out what I need and not expect me to hold your hand through every decision.

  • Nicki – you said so succinctly what many authors have written books about – kudos to you for another inspiring read!

  • I totally agree. Men want respect first and for most. They also want to be told they are still handsome as they are aging. They also want SEX and to have physical affection. They also want us women to understand that they can’t always put into words what they are feeling and want us to pay attention to their actions (i.e. working to pay the bills, helping around the house, even sex is a form of showing feelings, and other small things.)
    These are just some of the things I’ve learned over the years. However, I also have a husband who taught me all of these things about himself. I did more research and he’s not alone on his thoughts.

  • I do think most men want to be assured that their women love them, just as we want them to assure us all the time of their love for us. More importantly, they want to be assured that they are good in bed and they make us happy in bed. As a woman, I want my man to respect me and make me feel that I am his one and only.

    I do agree that men mostly express themselves through their actions. My husband does a lot around the house to let me know that he cares; takes care of the children, does the ironing and even sweeps the compound to help the eldest child. And for an African man, that says a lot.

    • Hi Readin Pleasure,

      I discovered your blog today – it’s beautiful! I agree with what you said about what men want in relationships. For me, you hit the nail on the head with “As a woman, I want my man to respect me and make me feel that I am his one and only.” Yes!!! I’m glad your husband does a lot around the house to show you that he cares. 🙂