Why We Will Always Love Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston Dies

Why we will always love Whitney Houston is on my mind. I learned the devastating news about her death last night, while I spoke at A Night of Passion. It was a wonderful gathering of women. We laughed and had a lot of fun. My poem, Naked Desires, was a big hit. During the evening, someone told me that Whitney Houston died. “WHAT?” I said. I couldn’t believe it. I hoped it wasn’t true.

Like many in my generation, I grew up listening to to this iconic singer. She created the soundtrack for every teenager in the 1980’s. I remember when we were introduced to her with “Saving All My Love For You.” What a beauty…and, that voice!

A few years ago, I watched the Oprah interview. I was so happy that she was free of both Bobby Brown and drugs. She looked great and sounded like she was in a good place in life. Now, she will go to the ultimate place in heaven too soon. Whitney was only 48 years old.

I cannot watch anymore coverage about her death…it’s just too sad. I hope I can get through the Grammy’s tonight. My wish is that people, young and old, celebrity, and non-celebrity alike, will wake up and see that DRUGS kill people.

We Will Always Love Whitney Houston

Some people are blaming Bobby Brown for his ex-wife’s death. Is this fair? While Whitney is responsible for her actions, it appeared to the public (based on his reputation) that Bobby was a negative influence in her life. If Whitney suffered from low self-esteem before she met Bobby, the logical conclusion is that their pairing exacerbated her issues, as well as Bobby’s – both of them being addicts. So, while I don’t blame Bobby for Whitney’s death, I acknowledge that he played a role in her addiction – which ultimately lead to her death.

Whether or not Whitney’s death was drug related, the fact remains that drugs ruined her life and her greatest gift of all – that magical voice. Rest in peace, Whitney. WE will always love you.

Watch the trailer for the upcoming (December 2022) biopic “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” hereRead my Ode to Michael Jackson here. NOTE: Image of Whitney by David Mark from Pixabay.

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  • Hi Darren,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I did not know that Xanax can cause people to have suicidal thoughts. Yes, it is sad that we live in a country where profits are valued over human life. I wonder why they would keep it a secret if Whitney was using Xanax; I’d think they would keep it a secret if she overdosed. The results of the autopsy will come out.

    • Xanax does not cause suicidal thoughts…I know i have been on them since 2001 when my mother died…its used for panic attacks and anxiety…Lord knows she had that after what she went through… Depression can cause u to have suicidal thoughts …Some meds can make it worse…Most all meds tell u not to mix with alcohol….Mental Health is a disease and addiction has been link to Bi polar…I know what i am talking about…I dont care what autopsy says…Jesus called…I hope people learn more about mental illness and addiction….We need to show compassion to all…Micheal Jackson doctor should never gave him that…He was way wrong …that wasnt a pill…These stars r so much demanded they give out like candy…Music industry is demanding….Alcohol kills even more and brings violence out bad behavior in people..So before we say drugs …Alcohol worse….Medication is necessary sometimes …I know my nerves r bad and at least i can have some normal life…without freakin out….My mother was on Vioxx …heart trouble over and over…My dad celebrex had massive stoke …couldnt find medical reason….Read up on anything a doctor gives u….I have a medication u cant drink grapefruit with…yes grapefruit…..I hope people learn life is short…no one is promised the next breath…be kind …help people instead of judging them…u have no idea unless u lived it.

  • … there are a few voices i’ve heard in my 64 years of life that i believe are amazing gifts and are unlikely to be repeated in my lifetime, one was Whitney Houston, and the other Joan Sutherland… I’d have loved to hear more of Whitney singing gospel music, have found some on youtube but not many, if anyone knows of a recording of her singing Precious Lord, i’d love to know about it. Precious Whitney, go in peace…

      • Miriah is great …I heard this young girl named Charice she was on oprah once also she can sing…Christine Agularria (who knows how to spell it)she is good also,Never be another Whitney …she was great….

  • heartbreaking! In no way was I prepared, I never wrote her off. and her voice was getting better too- she had a beautiful performance with Kim Burrell last year

    • Hi Melissa,

      I, too, never wrote Whitney off. I remember when I heard her song “I look to you.” It stopped me cold…so beautiful and she was BACK!! Then, I saw her on Oprah. I was so happy because she looked and sounded happy…and, drug free…so sad…

  • Whitney can sing all types of music and sound beautiful doing it. In my opinion, there will never be anyone like her.

  • I personally believe that the media, fame and fans killed Whitney Houston. She was a beautiful multi-talented woman who HAD IT ALL! We celebrated her talents but then dissected and examined every inch of her under a microscope. I hope her family and those close to her will be given the time and respect deserved. My heart especially goes out to her daughter and mother.

    • Hi Serena,

      Thank you for visiting my blog! I believe Whitney’s choices killed her. She chose to abuse drugs. I know addiction is very powerful, so to her the choice felt like a necessity. She had it all – sadly, it wasn’t enough. Doctors need to STOP giving addicts – especially celebrities who can pay any amount of money – pills!

  • Just like you, Mrs. Houston has touched people in so many ways. Nicole, I do not know you, but do people want to always bring out the bad things in a person’s life? We need to be more focused on the people she left behind. Everyone should be more concerned about her mother,daughter,and the rest of the Houston family. Also, Bobby needs to be lifted up in pray. But, your blog was nice. If you could please give the Houston-Brown family condolences. I have a family in the industry as of right now. This was a eye opener for me.

    • Hi Tamera,

      Thank you for your heartfelt comments. Of course, I offer my condolences to all of Whitney’s family and friends…most importantly, her Mom Cissy and her daughter, Bobby Christina. May God carry them through this difficult time.

  • The one song of Whitney’s that I hold close to my heart was “One Moment in Time”. That song spoke to me and encouraged me to go forward with my dream. I was a senior in high school, our country was at war and I had enlisted in the U.S. Navy. It was always my dream to join the Navy, even before the war started. I was a proud American and wanted to serve my country. This song spoke to me and I held my head high whenever I heard it, it was written for me and all the other young Americans who defend our country. Whitney knew what we needed to hear and sang each of her songs as if she wrote them for only you. That is special and a gift. I am so sad to see her go, she will be missed by many, including me.

  • Personally, I don’t think that Bobby Brown was Whitney’s problem. In fact, I think that she grew up with boundaries that kept her grounded, and when they were removed, she did so many things that she couldn’t do before; the whole “gone buck wild” syndrome. I’ve known lots of Whitneys in my lifetime, and the common denominator is the fame and pressure of stardom, not the bad boys that they sometimes take up with. It’s quite possible that, even with a different guy, Whitney would have needed more help than she asked for, or obtained. I’m so sad for her and for all the others like her [Amy Winehouse comes to mind.] Very, very sad.

    • Hi Editor,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. You brought up some good points regarding Whitney and the pressure that comes with fame, etc. It seems that she went down hill after marrying Bobby, though. It is very, very sad indeed.

  • Just listening to Whitney sing was always enough to give me goosebumps. She had such an incredible voice – what talent! So sad. I feel especially sad for those left behind – especially her daughter and her mom. No parent ever expects to outlive their child. Heartbreaking! RIP Whitney. You can sing with the angels now.

    • Hi Michelle,

      You are right – no parent ever expects to outlive their child. Whitney’s Mom tried to get help for her several times. It’s so sad that addiction has claimed the life of yet another superstar who had everything, but apparently not enough…

  • i just missed whitney houston.. my mom cry when she heard it from me that her favorite singer passed away.. i feel sad for miss. whitney houston family and daughter and for my mom too cause she lost her favorite singer both michael jackson… (sobbing)

  • Flags are flying at half staff today in her honor. Some people don’t know that Whitney was such a humanitarian. She very generously gave to numerous charities. What a sweet spirit…going to miss her so much. ♥

  • I’m watching the coverage before Whitney’s funeral service is aired on t.v. I’m going to watch the funeral. I’m sure it will be sad, but full of wonderful music. My heart goes out to Whitney’s family, friends, and God Bless those who have to sing at her funeral, while still mourning her untimely death.

  • http://oldies.about.com/od/elvisdeathfaq/f/elvisdeath.htm I had to go back and read about Elvis because I thought he died from a drug overdose. I’m a little sad that Whitney is treated differently. Elvis’ child was 9 years old. Elvis was 42. Somebody turned Elvis’ estate into a gold mine. You can even purchase Elvis funeral photographs. Let’s lift them up and stop criticizing and saying she isnt entitled to anything, What makes her less ?

    • Hi Victoria,

      You are right – Elvis died from a drug overdose. I haven’t heard the latest about Whitney not being entitled to anything. Do you mean Bobbi Kristina isn’t entitled to anything?

  • Whitney’s death is still very unreal to me. It was more of a shock than Michael’s death. Perhaps because Michael had left this world (and us) long before he actually left this world. We could still relate to Whitney, and her passing was like a member of our family or close friend gone too soon. We’d hope that she would finally pull it together. With that said, I hope that we all take a lesson from her life and her death. We don’t escape the consequences of our decisions. They will manifest, show up somewhere, somehow – in our children (and their decisions/lives), in our health (or lack thereof), in our finances (or lack thereof), in our deaths. No one is beyond the reach of their decisions, death or God.

  • So sad …She was the Voice …also need to add Bobby was her husband yes she chose …but he spit ,emotionally abuse her,so as a mom I would hope he have enough sense not to come…U say Drugs…Alcohol…legal and far more dangerous..Jesus called…She is in peace…U never know what 2 do til u have lived it…Did u know Bipolar (mental disease) one of the traits is Addiction …Again Xanax dont give u suciidal thoughts….I know…I posted earlier about this …but need to add to it….My prayers to her blessed mother i know ur heart is broke…and her daughter …i lost mine i know how u feel..God Bless

  • Hello I suffer from bipolar disorder and I am a suicide survivor. I can sincerely empathize with both Whitney and Michael. The only difference is that I am not in the public eye. It is a daily struggle to survive the highs and the lows. I am on a perpetual roller coaster ride. Even as I write today. Today and the past few months have been very difficult for me. I am on a low. Seeking support from wherever I can. Mainly the word of God. I have endured medication changes, lack of motivation, low self-esteem and more. I have slept in the same clothes for weeks at a time. You seriously cannot judge a book from its cover. There are many of us who suffer in silence and get up and go to our daily tasks only to come home and be in darkness again just to wake up and begin the roller coaster ride another day. I am thankful for God’s grace and mercy and the constant companionship of the Holy Spirit which is keeping me alive. We cannot judge them. We cannot even speculate on what Whitney, Michael or any other who endures such a dramatic and traumatic life disorder could have possibly been experiencing. It is truly a terrible feeling.

  • I think the problem with people Like Whitney and Elvis and Jackson is that thier wealth and their success separates them from reality and the people around them. When one of Whitney’s assistants once tried to tell her that she was endangering herself with drugs, Whitney sacked her.

    When they get that big, they can become arogant and disconnected from normal behaviour. Add drugs and drink into the mix and they are sadly, beyond help. The same recently happened in here in the Uk to Amy Winehouse – at 26 she was destined to become one of the greatest jazz singers of a generation.

    It is interesting that it seems to happen much more in the music industry than say, the movies. I wonder why that is?

    • Hi Bill,

      Welcome! It is true that when stars become larger than life, they often become arrogant and no one can tell them anything. Sadly, alcohol and drugs mixed with narcissism is a deadly combination. You are right – this seems to happen in the music industry than in the movies. I must admit to not understanding all they hype about Amy Winehouse. She nor her music ever appealed to me. I would see bits and pieces of her on the news and didn’t think her voice was anything to write home about. What am I missing?

  • I really am sadden bout this beautiful women’s death, it just goes to show you that being famous isn’t always its best. She has struggle with additions and was trying to get her life straight, but as we all know God calls us home on his term not ours. I will miss her beautiful voice and great acting…..I am sending prayers to her family…..I love Whitney and know we are all humans people make mistakes….it’s just if your not famous it doesn’t get memtion about your additions…..our world isn’t fair…RIP my friend til I see you on the other side….Sing lord and clear for our Lord…..

    • Hi Marie,

      Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. It is so sad; the words from her song ring true – didn’t we (she) almost have it all? If only Whitney could have broken free from her drug addictions she would be alive today…

  • I knew she had to have drugs in her what a shame for daughter I hope her daughter wont do the same