The Sexual Abuse Epidemic Society Ignores

The Sexual Abuse Epidemic Society Ignores

I’m talking about the sexual abuse epidemic society ignores with Kathy O’Connell from Radiant Abilities in this FB Live interview.

The Sexual Abuse Epidemic Society Ignores with Kathy O'Connell

You’ll hear about things like…

  • Why people with disabilities are sexually abused at a rate of SEVEN times higher than the general population
  • The importance of teaching the disabled community to speak up + say no
  • Living Fully with a Disability
  • How a Tony Robbins firewalk changed her life

In addition, we talked about what signs to look for if you think you’re child is being abused by a caregiver, etc.

Check out the interview below:

Links from the Interview

Read Kathy’s blog postΒ Seven Times the Assaults!

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