The Sexual Abuse Epidemic Society Ignores

The Sexual Abuse Epidemic Society Ignores

In this interview, I talk about the sexual abuse epidemic society ignores with Kathy O’Connell from Radiant Abilities.

The Sexual Abuse Epidemic Society Ignores with Kathy O'Connell

You’ll hear about things like…

  • The fact that people with disabilities are sexually abused at a rate of SEVEN times higher than the general population
  • Teaching the disabled community to speak up + say no
  • Living Fully with a Disability
  • How a Tony Robbins firewalk changed her life

In addition, we talked about what signs to look for if you think a caregiver is abusing your child.

Check out my interview with Kathy about dating + relationships:

Links from the Interview

Read Kathy’s blog post SEVEN TIMES The Assaults

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