Make me feel like a flower

     soft and beautiful

     with long slender petals

     and morning dew

     waiting to blossom

     Help me lose myself to you

     as your hands gently stroke my face

     slowly moving down my neck

     grasping my shoulders

     then cupping my breasts

     my eyes close as they follow the curve of my hips

     and firmly stroke my thighs

     Touch me deep inside my soul

     and turn darkness into light

     with lustful eyes I speak

     not with words

     but in movement

     as I rise

     to release the passion that overwhelms me

     feel my naked body quiver

     as your mouth pulls me into you

     Love me until sweet tears

     fall from my face

     as I enter your world

     and we become one.

     (c) Nicole Luongo

A poem from Naked Desires.

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