Today Show Interview with Stephanie Mansour

Today Show Interview with Stephanie Mansour

It’s no secret that I’ve always wanted to be interviewed on the Today Show. I’m a big fan; I watch it every morning. One day in April 2022, Al Roker mentioned the Start Today Facebook group. Since I’d been suffering with a repetitive strain injury to my right hand. I had to change the type of workouts I usually do, along with the intensity. It hurt to lift weights so I knew I’d be doing more Indoor walking workouts. Monthly walking challenges (led by Today Show Fitness Contributor Stephanie Mansour) are a big part of the Start Today health and wellness program.

Today Show ‘Start Today’ Facebook Group

At first, I almost didn’t join Start Today because, although I love to workout, I do not walk outside. It’s boring, and due to my disability, walking on uneven terrain can be downright dangerous. I quickly changed my mind and became a member. Why? First, Steph’s energy, encouragement is infectious. The group has over 150k members, yet she manages to comment on as many as possible! Al Roker has commented on a couple of my posts. How cool is that? Second, and most important, the group is inclusive; everyone is welcome! It doesn’t matter if you’re able-bodied or disabled. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the beginning of your fitness journey, or if, like me, you’ve been on one for thirty-five years.

My Dream Came True!

How did I get interviewed by Stephanie Mansour during Disability Pride Month?  I made myself known in the group. I posted consistently, and I encouraged others. Back in January, one of the producers contacted me about being in a future digital episode of Start Today. In February, I got a shout out on the 3rd Hour of Today. Then, in June, Steph put out the call asking for members who want to share their story in a FB Live Transformation Tuesday interview. I sent her an email and the rest is history. I decided to celebrate my 50th birthday by (finally) participating in the June walking streak challenge. WOW…I walked nearly 300,000 steps during the month! The best part? I did it all from the comfort of my own home! 


Start Today Walking Streak Calendar
Start Today June 2023 Walking Streak Calendar

If you have cerebral palsy (or you have a child who has CP), you know what a BIG deal this is to be featured as a member of the Today Show’s Start Today community. Our stories (especially adults with CP) rarely get the opportunity to be told, let alone reach such a wide audience.

In this FB live interview, you’ll hear:

  • Why Start Today is one of the best FB groups I’ve ever joined
  • How I make the group work for me, since I don’t do the monthly challenges
  • What I do when I don’t want to work out
  • How I advocate for CP + more!

Watch the interview below:

And, here’s the feature article that was published on TODAY’s website on October 6 for World CP Day! I’m putting it out into the universe that the next step is being interviewed live on national t.v.!

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