General Hospital Star Maurice Benard Advocates for Cerebral Palsy

General Hospital – My Favorite Soap Opera

I’ve loved General Hospital star Maurice Benard ever since I was a teenager. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that over thirty years later, I’d have the honor of interviewing the three-time Emmy award winner and New York Times best selling author!

Maurice is revered for his illustrious career, however, his most important roles are that of a husband, a father, and a mental health advocate who is a beacon of hope to millions on his YouTube Channel, State of Mind.

General Hospital star talks cerebral palsy, mental health + more!

In this interview, we talked about why he decided to become an advocate for cerebral palsy, his journey with bipolar disorder, the need and importance for more disability representation in Hollywood, “Sonny” + much more! You’ll enjoy learning about the man behind the mob boss. 

You’ll also find out how I got to interview this beloved actor, advocate, his nationality (contrary to popular belief he’s NOT Italian), the importance of the Alzheimer’s storyline, and his favorite shows to watch on t.v. What’s the story behind the photo he shared in his IG stories with the hashtag #GoGreen4CP? You’ll learn about that, too!

For more information about Maurice, visit his websiteCheck out his book “Nothing General About It – How Love and Lithium Saved Me on and Off General Hospital” on Amazon.

Follow Maurice on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @MauriceBenard. You can also follow @mbstateofmind on Instagram and Twitter.

Watch my interview with General Hospital’s Maurice Benard

It was an honor to interview such an amazing person, incredible actor, and renowned mental health advocate. Please watch the interview, and leave a comment on my channel. Then, go to Maurice’s channel, watch the candid interviews with various people (soap opera stars and more) as they discuss their lives, how mental health impacted them, etc. Maurice is using his platform for good, and he’s helping so many people!

Maurice, thanks for helping raise awareness about cerebral palsy, and for supporting my Go Green for CP campaign!

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