LIFE: The Naked Truth

It’s easy to wonder what life would be like if we were granted do overs; a chance to re-create memories so they play out the way we want.  I often fantasize about such moments.  I wonder who I would be, what my life would look like today if I had the chance to do over important moments in my life.  Then I am quickly brought back to reality when I realize there is no crystal ball of life, no magic life Jeanie in a bottle. I am reminded that life is a journey; things happen exactly the way they are meant to happen – like it or not.  The challenge is learning to enjoy our journey with little reflection on the coulda, shoulda, woulda’s – those infectious thoughts that prevent us from living our best life.

The NAKED TRUTH about life:  No matter how hard we try, we can’t go back.  We must focus on going forward.  When we do, we have the chance to create new moments with the potential to be even more magical than the ones we do over in our minds.  I know, it’s tempting to give into the fantasy that the grass is always greener on the other side of life.  But there really is no way to know for sure.  The only thing we know for sure is the present moment; that is all we are guaranteed in life – one moment at a time.  The past moments are gone.  If we re-live them at the expense of living in the here and now, we are not living.  We are simply remembering days gone by, hoping for their return.

My life is completely different than it was five years ago.  I don’t like it.  I accept it.  Accepting my new normal has prevented me from voluntarily checking in to the nearest psychiatric hospital.  When those “Why me?” thoughts creep in, I cling to the belief that God never gives any of us more than we can handle.  Apparently,  God has a lot of faith in me – certainly a lot more than I have in myself.  Now, there’s a do-over worth investigating…

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