Naked Desires

Naked Desires

Big, yet tender
with purpose,
your hands
move so gently
over my body
like a waterfall
of love
washing over me

time stood still as our bodies
merged together
like the waves of the sea
crashing into the shore
we became one
and one night was all it took
for us to give in to
our naked desires

desires which never really go away
even when you let them out to play
they hide deep within lonely hearts
and tormented minds

minds which know better
than to give into matters of the heart
yet cannot overcome
the power of passion

passion that arises from pure sexual attraction
between two lovers who melt like hot wax
in each other’s presence
slowly, as the fire burns
their bodies merge
and all their naked desires
come alive in the dark.
© Nicole Luongo

A poem from Naked Desires.

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