Here I am jumping for joy in physical therapy (PT) at Plantation Medical Rehab & Wellness. Although I could jump before the surgery (not sure if I could jump up on a step), I would not have been able to do this three weeks ago due to lack of strength.

Why am I jumping in PT? There is so much required of the body just to be able to walk. And, to walk correctly, you need to be able to strike the floor first with your heel, then push off your toe, allowing the opposite leg to come forward. Since my heel cords are tight, it is important to stretch so I can walk correctly – heel toe, heel toe (this is what my self-talk sounds like) Jumping requires the same motion – just in a different way.

I'm turning 40 on Sunday! What a gift it is to be able to accomplish this just ten weeks after having spinal surgery!I look forward to sharing more accomplishments (indoor rock climbing is next) as I continue along my SDR journey. I invite you subscribe to my You Tube channel to receive the latest video updates.

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